056 | Nestle Drumstick | Summer Parade

Way back when, a super killer project came our way via Publicis Mojo out of Australia. What better way to bring in the start of summer than with a Drumstick Parade!? We went to town designing characters, and developing an in camera approach that would lend itself to greater authenticity. How frickin’ cool would it be to actually blow up a bunch of these characters into oversize inflated body suits?

Well, the budget didn’t think it was too cool, and unfortunately we felt that revising our approach to the expected “cg characters over live action plates” would dilute our vision. It was a really difficult choice, and when the spot wound up turning out really good elsewhere using said cg approach, we couldn’t help but slap ourselves in the head. We had a great time developing these characters, and hope that we’ll get another chance to make something rad with the creative team. Enjoy!